Personal List of AWESOME Software

This is a list of software that I personally consider awesome.

For the Command Line

Name Description Website
Oh My ZSH My favourite shell
z Easy nagivation
htop Process and load viewer TUI

For Development

Name Description Website
Meld Diff- and merge tool
Plantuml My favourite way of generating UML diagrams

For Academic Writing

Name Description Website
Setzer My favourite LaTeX IDE
JabRef Literature manager that works well with bibtex
Inkscape For creating some diagrams
aspell Spellchecker with TeX support

Linux Desktop

Name Description Website
i3-gaps Tiling window manager
barista i3status replacement
Nitrogen Wallaper manager
Rofi Application launcher for i3

Office Work

Name Description Website
Thunderbird E-Mails, Calendar, RSS, ...
LaTeX beamer Not really a standalone software but an awesome framework for creating presentation slides