This is a collection of the projects that I did in my spare time.

Project Description URL/Status
Active contribution to the open-source project Immich "An open source, high performance self-hosted backup solution for videos and photos on your mobile phone" A little tool that calculates an exact 15km radius around your hometown which you were not allowed to leave because of a COVID-19 related rule. Github (Offline, not needed any more)
Flutter Cupertino Settings A Flutter widget to create an iOS settings-table (static TableView).The library is used by various apps. I initially started the project to learn the Flutter framework. Github
Haskell Enigma-I Simulator I developed this after watching the great movie "The Imitation Game" to gain a deeper knowledge of how the Enigma-I machine worked. This project is NOT meant to glorify Nazi-technology. Github (Leaving this just for fun. No more active development)
HomeAssistant Electron I heavily used the software "Home Assistant" for some time. Because there was no desktop application, I decided to build one. It's written in JavaScript using the Electron framework. Github (Archived, does not work with recent versions of HomeAssistant)
Nixie Tube Clock I love the look of nixie tubes. I finally managed to build my own clock from scratch. It uses russian IN-12B tubes. I learned a lot about electronics during the project as I designed most of the circuits myself.
Smart Home CO2 Sensor A WiFi enabled CO2 sensor based on the SCD30 sensor and an ESP8266 microcontroller.