DIY automated plant watering system

This spring I decided to grow herbs for cooking outside my kitchen window. However, as it turned out after a short time, regular watering is essential. After I got rid of the dried out (and/or drowned) plants, I decided to automate the watering process before trying again.


I decided to use this Pump because of its relatively cheap price and the operating voltage of 12V.
The pump and the control electronic sit in a waterproof housing.
I used an ESP8266 microcontroller board in combination with my custom designed LED dimmer board to control the pump.

Watering System


A very simple node-red flow is used to control the watering system.
A inject node triggers the watering process every morning. It's also possible to trigger the process via a Zigbee-Button.

The only remaining manual task is to fill the water tank every 4 days.So far all herbs have survived.